9 Reasons Why Quiet Is The New Black

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Have you heard?
​Quiet is the new black.
Picture the scene…
The room is filling up. People are meeting and greeting each other. There are a few that seem to know everyone. They’re chatting endlessly, their voices filling the air. They’re seeking people out, you can’t miss them.
You might even feel yourself staring.
And over there, someone’s standing quietly.

Quiet is the new black.

They’ve only a few people round them at a time. In between, they happily amuse themselves looking around, taking in the scene.
You might even notice other people surreptitiously  glancing at them?
Being different makes the world go round. I love that. The traits we see in others that we’d love to have ourselves are irresistible to watch.
And that’s what happens when your quiet confidence shows up.
You’re irresistible.
It took me 30 years to work that out. 3 decades wasted.
All too often my self-confidence left me shaking and quaking in nerve-wracking situations.
And oh boy, there were a lot of those.
Meanwhile other people seem to be breezing along, confidently taking life in their stride. Holding the room, being the center of attention, all eyes on them.
And heck, that looked good, I wanted that.
But when I gave it a shot, I felt false, a total faker.
And my confidence ran screaming… agggh!!
So what did I do to coax my confidence out of the shadows?
I stopped driving it into the shadows in the first place!
For all those years I’d driven my confidence away by denying one simple truth:
I’m quiet.
There it is. The honest, bottom line is I’m a quiet, don’t-like-too-many-words, not-a-great-fan-of-parties, person.
Call it what you will, but to me it’s ‘quiet’. To others it’s shy, dull, reserved…whatever.
Quiet is who I am.
Now me and my confidence, we have a great understanding:
I go out as me. No faking, no pretending and my confidence is right there with me.
But if I try and play the louder, social animal persona that so often seems to go with self-confidence, mine is nowhere to be seen.
Because that isn’t me, at all.
And increasingly, it isn’t a lot of people. Quiet people are coming out of the shadows. Quietly, of course 🙂
If you’re one of them, here’s 9 reasons why quiet is the new black…

1. You’re confident enough to be the authentic you.

Not pretending, that’s close to impossible for many people. Sadly, they don’t have enough confidence to go out as the real, wonderful person they are. By being the quiet person you are, you’re saying ‘Hey, this is me, no pretending’.
That’s irresistible authenticity.

2. You’re confident enough not to crave everyone’s attention.

Self-confidence is beaten by self-conscious every time. ‘Loud’ can often be a self-conscious disguise. As a quiet person, you’ll know that your version of joining in involves more listening and watching than speaking or playing to the crowd. And that says ‘hey, I don’t need all eyes on me to feel good’.
That’s irresistible self-assurance.

3. You’re confident enough to be different.

It’s easier to follow the crowd than follow your own path, for sure. But you know, your quiet confidence makes you remarkable. Quiet is more noticeable than loud because it’s unusual. The crowd have been overtaken by ‘loud wins’ thinking, but you’re happy being quiet.
That’s irresistible self-certainty.

4. You’re confident enough to say ‘no thanks’.

As a quiet person, you’ll likely have a socializing tolerance that’s lower than many ‘louder’ people you know. Parties and get-togethers aren’t always top of your agenda. You don’t need to be seen in all the right places, you’re happy enjoying what makes you tick.
That’s irresistible confidence.

5. You’re confident enough to listen.

Have you noticed that there’s no shortage of people wanting to talk? They seek you out because you’re genuinely happy to listen, to hear the whole story. And to offer something when you have something you believe is worth offering.
That’s irresistible inner calm.

6. You’re confident enough to feel secure with just a small group of close friends.

Your quiet tendencies naturally draw you to have a few loyal buddies. Their friendship is enough to let you know you’re ‘right on okay’, just as you are. Others looking on see you don’t need a gang’s worth of people to reassure that you’re lovable.
That’s irresistible self-belief.

7. You’re confident enough to spend time alone.

Doing your thing, just you and yourself, that’s a great day if you’re quiet, right? That recharges your battery, gives you energy and leaves you feeling calm and refreshed. And it says you’re in control of your mind’s chatter, you don’t need the noise and distraction of others to keep your thoughts at bay.
That’s irresistible self-possession.

8. You’re confident enough to do your own thing.

Quiet activities aren’t touted as cool. Partying is cool, though. No matter, as a quiet person you’re happy doing what floats your boat, not what someone else has decided should do. That’s rare. And precious. Others see you making your own way on your terms, happy you know best.
That’s irresistible self-trust.

9. You’re confident enough to believe in your own judgment.

When you need an answer, as a quiet person you most likely ask yourself first. You don’t initiate group discussions for advice, you seek your own solution. Heck, you know you better than anyone else. Others see you handling your difficulties with confidence.
That’s irresistible self-reliance.

Quiet is the new black.

Embrace your quietness and let your confidence shine.
No more wistfully watching louder, seemingly more confident others. Your confidence is thriving inside you. Inside the real you, that is.
Quiet you. Irresistibly, quietly confident you.

  • The person who knows their own mind, knows what best for them and knows loyalty is enough.
  • The person who is secretly admired for their confident ability to listen, to offer meaningful words and be at peace with themselves.
  • The person who is self-assured enough to let others have the attention and to walk their own path.

Others are secretly watching. You’re turning heads when you let your quiet self shine.
You and your confidence are irresistible.

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