Would Some Magical Life Juice Help?

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“Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about. ~ Oscar Wilde”

Randomly, today I got all caught up looking back over the last ten years of my life.

Bizarre. It wasn’t New Year’s Eve or my birthday, the traditional times to muse, reflect and bemoan… just a little.

Nothing monumental had happened. It was just another, slightly cloudy, Tuesday morning.

I had a long list of jobs that were jumping up and down, beating each other up for my attention. Most of them were the familiar type things: , a Skype call, emails and reviewing articles, catching up on a project with another writer and straining for the perfect word for a piece I’m writing.

The usual.

But this morning, my brain was anywhere but on task. It was looking for something, an answer. A revelation.

Bizarre again because everything is going great. I love the way life is panning out.

I tried again to get my head down.
“Come on, Laura!”
No focus. No concentration. Blank.
I couldn’t even rely on autopilot – she was clearly absent without leave.

I gave in. “Okay brain, what the heck is it?”
The answer came back surprisingly fast and clear.
“What’s next?”
I thought well, just more of this, more of what I’m doing, lots more trying to help people as much as possible and having maximum fun along the way. Does there need to be a ‘next’?

Good question.

Truth is, sometimes there does. Even when life is going great, now and then you just need to inject some juice, some magic. We humans need an injection of ‘magical shake things up a bit’ juice. (Trust me, it tastes way better than it sounds).

A hit of doing something new stops your brain taking an extended hike, leaving you stale, sparkle-less. A shot of doing things differently stops you seeing the amazing as ordinary. A dose of ‘Ooh, this feels odd’ stops every day feeling… everyday. It keeps all your great fortune and good luck clearly in your sights.

And there’s no catch. Which is impossible, right? Surely there’s always a teensy snag…

Nope. Not with this.

Where can you buy ‘magical shake things up a bit’ juice?

Nowhere. Honestly, it’s not a money matter. You don’t need to put your hand in your pocket.

You simply need to put your hand up.

‘Pick me’.
‘I’ll have a go’.
‘Can I come along?’
‘I’d love to help you with that.’
‘Fancy trying a project together?’
‘I’m good at X, maybe you could make use of that?’
‘Let me try.’

Someone, somewhere is holding your magical, shake things up a bit juice right now. They’ve got just the opportunity to bring some excitement, joy and sparkle to your days.

You’ve got EXACTLY what someone is looking for.

Your skills or ideas are the critical missing link for someone else. You can see something that has eluded the other person, for too long.

Really, put my hand up? Gulp!

I know. Putting your hand up feels really daunting. No, scrap that – scary! Suppose they say ‘No thanks’. Suppose you can’t do it. Suppose it was a sucky idea you had.

Yep, one of those could happen.

But it you’re feeling stale, stuck or a little lost in life – it’s a sure fire way to get your sparkle back.

So, what am I going to put my hand up for?

Oh, see now that’s why my long list of tasks isn’t any shorter than it was at breakfast this morning. I’ve been rummaging through the section of my brain marked ‘Imagine if…’. That corner where all my gloriously exciting, but slightly impossible looking dreams are stored.

But I know they aren’t impossible. I simply need the courage to say ‘Pick me, I’ll give it my absolute best shot’.

And I’ve found it before. Which is why life is going great.

I just need an injection of ‘magical shake things up a bit’ juice.

“Hey world, I’d love to help you with that. Let me try.”

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Laura Tong

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Rosemary - April 17, 2018 Reply

Laura, I predict much magical juice flowing in your direction and propelling you on adventures and travels. You’ll be so full of new experiences you won’t be able to write your articles fast enough to keep up with them all. And your memory will be stacked out with just the greatest images of all the fun times you’re going to have.

Keep on writing,


    Laura Tong - April 20, 2018 Reply

    Thanks Rosemary! We’re actually planning a little adventure this Summer, but are trying to get over cold feet!

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