How to Feel Lucky Even if You’ve Never Won the Lottery or Got That Dream Job

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Some folk want their luck buttered.” ~ Thomas Hardy

Do you believe in luck?

Is that what makes some people mega lotto winning millionaires and others live to a healthy 102 years of age?

Honestly, I don’t know.

But I do know that each of us have ‘lucky’ things dance into our lives sometimes: a mini windfall of money, landing a better job or what about a near miss in a car or plane? All lucky times, you’d probably agree.

Perhaps though, they seem quite… infrequent or even random?

What we really want is to ‘be lucky’ all the time, not have the occasional bit of good fortune. Oh yes!

I’m all over that – Lucky could become my middle name, I wouldn’t complain.

Funny though that the majority of our days play out as ‘get up, go out, come home, sleep, repeat’. 

If you think about it, isn’t that pretty amazingly lucky?

Instead of living in a time when cavemen might bop us on the head with a club, we slide into a shiny car or train, then arrive at our destination safely in one piece.

Instead of being trapped in a dingy workhouse, we work in air-conditioned buildings and break for lunch.

You get the picture – life’s already pretty lucky because it could be so much harder or more unpleasant. Heck, it could be a lot less safe!

Perhaps we sometime confuse what ‘lucky’ is?

I think so. When the newspapers shout about someone winning a change-life-forever fortune. Or the magazines parade photos of another glamorous celebrity wedding. Or friends post some amazing personal news on Facebook. We don’t begrudge others their ‘good fortune’ but it makes us feel less lucky.

Maybe, even ‘unlucky’.

Luck is believing you’re lucky.” ~ Poppy Delevingne

We’ve been shown that how lucky we are can be measured by the number of high points in life. Those times you remember three, even ten years later because they made you feel good, happy, maybe blessed.

Which is why Facebook is full of everyone’s ‘good news’: their mini windfall, new job or ‘lucky escape’.

Luck is considered to be something that happens, an event, a circumstance that makes life better.

Want the secret to feeling lucky?

Honestly, it’s crazy simple. All it takes is realizing that luck is not an event or something that happens.

It’s isn’t the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in.

Luck is the everyday stuff.

It’s a little less glamorous and not so common to shout about. But it’s a 1,000% more guaranteed! Being lucky is a given because we can choose to be lucky by recognizing all the good things in our most ordinary and routine of days.

And sure, that isn’t ignoring that some things will crash into our lives occasionally that are a serious pain. Stuff happens.

But all that stuff, the amazing events and the awful ones, they happen way less often than all the days we get up, go out, come home, sleep, repeat – wouldn’t you say?

Being lucky happens pretty much Monday to Sunday, 365 days a year. There’s almost always something in every one of those days that is good, great or just okay.

I’ll take them all, even the ‘just okay days’ and notch them up as lucky ones – any of those are the top prize because I can have them every day – not once every three to five years like landing a new job or winning some cash.

For me, luck is all the little things that it is so easy to miss appreciating:

  • Having two arms and legs – they really help me get through the day.
  • Getting home at the end of the day – nowhere feels any better.
  • Feeling tired – hey, I had a productive day!
  • Having good friends – they always help out.
  • Doing the grocery run – I can pick my favorite foods.
  • Having a tiny house – it’s the coziest space ever.
  • Filling up on gas – there’s enough cash in my purse to run my little set of wheels.
  • Having to choose – I get to make my own mistakes.
  • Being bored – what an incredible luxury.
  • Needing to work – it stops me being bored 🙂
  • Living in this amazing age – life is uber comfortable – most of the time:)

and having another day to do it all again

Feeling lucky looks a bit like gratitude.

Maybe you’ve come to the same conclusion I have?

That ‘being lucky’ is pretty similar to recognizing and appreciating all the things in your life that you like, enjoy or make you feel good.

It’s definitely linked with gratitude, in my book.

And, luck is definitely not an event or circumstance, I’m sure of that.

Fancy being lucky almost 365 days a year?

Simply look to your ordinary, most routine of days – that’s where real luck is hanging out.


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