6 Ways To Force Lady Luck To Beat A Path To YOUR Door

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Isn’t that just your luck?

Another opportunity passed you by.

Another year the same old same old.

Another disappointment to force down.

And what makes it even harder to swallow is that some people just seem to have all the luck. Exciting opportunities seems to fall into their laps.

Can it really be that some people are just born lucky?

Perhaps. I don’t honestly know the answer to that. What I do know is that you can make your own luck. You can choose to be the person who attracts opportunity, who has exciting offers fall into their lap.

How do I know?

Because I turned my life around. I worked out how to make my own luck.

And I want to share it with you so you too can too. So you don’t have to miss those opportunities. So when Lady Luck comes knocking, it’ll be at your door.

Here’s 7 ways to create your own luck in life…

1. Volunteer

“Hands up! I need a volunteer…”

When you hear those words, does your hand shoot up in the air? Or stay firmly by your side? Are you the one shouting ‘pick me’ or the one mumbling ‘only fools volunteer’?

Well, I can tell you the kind of people who volunteer, who help out with no thought of reward…

Lucky people.

Jumping up and shouting ‘pick me’ is a guarantee that luck will hear you and pick you to be on its team.

2. Experiment.

If you have any thoughts about playing it safe, you’re putting up an insurmountable roadblock between you and opportunity. You’re stopping luck ever being able to get to your door.

Lucky people don’t play it safe. They don’t wait to let someone else try it out, they jump straight in when opportunity presents itself.

Sure you might end up a little out of your depth sometimes. But that’s okay. You’re strong enough to doggy paddle your way back to the shore.

The honest truth is, that’s going to happen way less than you think. Because you don’t know what you’re capable of… until you try.

And I bet it’s a lot more than you imagine.

You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.  – Jennifer Beales


3. Ask

You’ll often find that the ‘luckiest’ people are the cheekiest. Cheeky will get you a long way in life.

Everyone loves to help but they won’t know what you’re looking for unless you ask.

I thought I wanted to be a published author and wrote for 3 years in my kitchen.

Then one day I got cheeky.

I met a guy who wrote luxury travel books and was drowning in deadlines, debts and decisions.

‘I can help!’ I shouted though we’d only just met. It did come out kind of loud, like when you’re nervous, because I was.

The result? I helped write an internationally published book that features in bookshops and swanky hotel lobbies the world over.

Who’d have thought it? Not me. Not the me that didn’t speak up, that didn’t raise my hand.

I ghost wrote that book so my name never appeared, but now I’ve published books under my own name as well.

Keep asking until Lady Luck has no option but to listen. Then ask again.

4. Ditch your rules

Rules are great, right?

Well, maybe. Perhaps I need to rephrase that…

Your rules are great, right?

Because we all have own little rule book. One that’s very precious to us. We don’t necessarily think of it like that, but it’s there all right.

It defines what you think is good and bad. It steers you to be a decent and contributing member of this great planet’s team. It gives your life structure and surety.

Yay for your rules!

Well, yay up to a point. After that point your rules are keeping Lady Luck away.

Like we all do, you made rules to keep you safe and out of difficult situations. Trouble is, you made those rules in your teens, if not earlier.

And now they’re holding you back because they tell you:

  • Always stick to the way you know works.

  • Don’t take risks, play it safe.

  • Never volunteer or you might get out of your depth.

  • Cats are evil.. sorry, that’s a different list:)

If you can break free from your over-protective, over-cautious rules, you can open the door on a whole new world of opportunity.

Because even though your rules operate perfectly in your life, opportunity might be waiting in another life. Another happier, more successful life.

Because we all have the possibility of multiple lives. The life you’re living now might not be the optimum life for you. There may be another life more suited to the real you out there.

And if there is, it’s not going to play by your rules. That’s what makes it opportunity. It’s new, a level up, a new beginning maybe.

New beginning, new rules.


5. Stray from the path.

Just because there is a common path, it doesn’t mean you have to follow it.

In fact, it’s often a good idea not to.

A while ago Mark and I went on a hiking trip. At one point our route took us up the second highest mountain in the area. It was deserted at the top.

Looking across the valley to the highest mountain, only a few hundred feet taller,  it looked like it was covered in flies.

With the aid of binoculars, the flies turned out to be hikers. Like the Yosemite Trail on 4th July, a nose-to-tail line of people hell bent on getting to the same tiny spot.

Did you know that there are 3,000 other trails in Yosemite park and that 20 alone end up at the same spot?

And it’s on those other paths that opportunity lurks. Waiting for someone with that bit more courage, that bit more independence of mind and spirit.

Sure you’re going to end up staring up a few cliff walls, wondering how on earth to take the next step. But you’ll regroup and find a way.

And Opportunity will pick you because you’ll stand out. Not from the crowd because there isn’t one – they’re all fighting and jostling for a foothold on the other side of the valley.

Opportunity is waiting along your path. All you’ve got to do is keep walking.

6. Stop limiting yourself.

We all have our limitations, but do you really know yours?

Taking things at face value or interpreting things literally are both ways you limit yourself. And to miss opportunities.

Learn to interpret everything you see and read. Whether that’s a job vacancy advert or instructions on how to do something, look at them in their broadest context.

So someone thinks they’ve got an idea of what or who they’re looking for?  Go show them your version of what their idea could be, who that person could be. They’ll probably love your version more.

Having this kind of open-minded, expansive way of looking at things will let you tear down those limitations. And the ones you can’t tear down, it’ll let you roll them back as far as they go.

Which is a heck of a lot further than you imagine.

Opportunity thrives in the unwritten, the unsaid, the ‘unthought’.  Look at everything you see with an open, inquiring mind. be alive to possibilities, to different interpretations.

Go find your real limitations – you’ll be amazed.

7. Try every avenue.

‘Lucky’ people appear to have everything nailed and sorted. They seem so sure of what they want and how to get it.

They just go straight to the prize, first time, every time.

Actually, that’s bull. The finest Hollywood, TV and magazine bull, but bull nonetheless.

It’s one of the biggest reasons you think you can’t be that lucky guy or gal. Why you think that luck rarely comes your way. Because you don’t fit that image.

Well I’m here to tell you that image doesn’t exist. In real life ‘lucky’ people try everything. They try a whole heap of  ideas to get to one that works.

You can’t have good ideas unless you’re willing to generate a lot of bad ones. – Seth Godin

And do you know how they can do that?

It’s not because they have more time than you. Or more organizational skills. Or even more ideas.

It’s because they know that trying something to see if it works is the only way to achieve anything.

It’s called trial and error. And no one’s found a way to bypass it yet.

‘Okay, so that didn’t work, what if I changed and did it like this? Ok that didn’t work either, what about…’

That’s how ‘lucky’ people think.

8. Let go of precious.

You’ve had some great ideas. And I mean some slam-dunking, high-fiving, life-changingly good ideas.

In fact, so good that you can’t let them go.

They’re like that last bit of cheese at the back of the fridge. You just can’t bring yourself to throw it away. You keep telling yourself you’ll get round to eating it, but there it stays, stinking up the place.

But one of the reasons you don’t pull it out into the cold light of day is because you can’t hide from the truth – it’s past its best. It’s an ex-piece of cheese.

And an ex-idea way past its sell by date.

Come on, open the gate and let them go.

We all have this inner mechanism that causes us to feel over-protective, even sentimental about anything we’ve conceived. Maybe it’s a hangover from evolution and procreation. I won’t embarrass myself by pretending to know the reason.

What I do know is that ideas feel like giving birth to something we have to nurture and keep forever. Or at least until they flourish enough to stand on their own two feet.

Wait, that is children.

But your ideas feel like that.

Tough news. It’s time to let them go.

Lucky people burn through ideas because they’re looking for the ones that work. They’re not looking to sweat through life bolstering up a couple of seemingly good brainwaves that are actually as likely to succeed as a chocolate sunbed.

Lucky people aren’t precious about their ideas. They know that ideas are tools to create opportunities. They know they’ll always have another one.

Just like you will.

Feeling lucky?

Because you should be feeling lucky.

You can create all the opportunity you want. All you’ll ever need.

Opportunity is desperate to have you on its team.

You’re just what Lady Luck is looking for.

Oops, there she is now knocking at your door.

I’ll let you go answer it.

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